I had an accident after sneaking out of the house and chasing the neighbors cat. I didn't look left then right and got hit by a car breaking my leg.  Sadly, my family could not commit to the surgery and chose to euthanize me.    SMART was notified in time and had me surrendered to them so they could give me a second chance at a good happy life.
This is the where my leg was broken, both bones were broken clean through on my right leg.   The toes are fine, I am laying on my side for the x-ray on the left.
This is the device that was chosen to hold my leg together.  It is very strong and will allow me to mend back together very nicely.
Here's an X-ray showing all the screws in place that will support the bone while the break heals. Looks like Doc was as perfect as always.
The Surgeon had to find The breaks and plan for the best way to put me back together.  I'm still growing so this has to be done in a way that does not impede my bones ability to grow normally.
After the screws are in the surgeon did a great job at stiching up my leg.  I was hoping to have a great story to tell all my friends with this cool scar..   but it  probably heal leaving almost no mark.. darn.  :)
I'm a little sleepy but so thankful for what has happened.   Soon I'll be up and running around like a crazy puppy once again.  :D
This is the best news ever!  I gots a new family already!  They are fostering me until I'm all healed up, and then they are gonna make me a forever part of their family!     I hit the jackpot!